In the search for the perfect porcelain tile surface for your indoor and outdoor space, for flooring and cladding, it is essential to understand the different finishes and sizes available. Here is a simple guide to the options we offer, designed for the end buyer as well as architects and interior designers:

  • High Glossy: This finish is the epitome of gloss. With its polished glaze, it offers a mirror effect that captures the light, enhancing the space with its crystalline reflection. It is soft and shimmering to the touch, ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces that seek to emphasise luminosity.


  •  Glossy: Similar to High Glossy but with a less intense shine, this finish is still spectacularly glossy and smooth, bringing a subtle elegance and visual cleanliness to any room.


  • Satin: For those who prefer a more discreet finish, Satin provides a silky feel and soft lustre. It is sophisticated and delicate, perfect for creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and comfort.


  • Lapatto: An intriguing option that plays between gloss and opacity. With a finish that combines polished and matt surfaces, Lapatto is soft to the touch and offers a visually dynamic look.


  • Antislip: Designed for safety without sacrificing style, this matte finish provides traction in wet architectural spaces such as outdoors, pools and bathrooms. Its functionality is unsurpassed.


  • Punch: Textures that evoke the beauty of nature. With reliefs that can be felt and seen, these ceramic surfaces add a tactile dimension that mimics real stone or wood.


  • Carving: This is an artistic finish, where a special ink creates a relief effect on the surface, which can be either glossy or matt. It is a design statement that adds depth and character.


  • V1 and V2: Referring to the variation of shades within a collection, with a scale of 1 to 5, V1 ensures almost exact uniformity, while V2 allows for subtle variation, offering visual harmony with a touch of naturalness.


  • Sizes: The dimension of each piece is key to the design. We offer a variety of sizes to suit different needs, and some are made exclusively to order to suit your specific project.

    With this variety of finishes and formats, we are sure you will find the ideal ceramic surface to take your space to the next level.


When it comes to interior wall coverings with style and personality, every detail counts. We understand that the perfect surface is one that combines functionality with aesthetic beauty. That’s why we present our select collection of finishes for ceramic surfaces that add that distinctive touch to your spaces:

  • Glossy: Gloss that captures light and attention. This glossy glaze finish not only makes it easy to clean, but also provides a soft touch that enhances the clarity and spaciousness of any room.


  • Matt: Elegance in its purest form. Our matt enamel surface offers a silky feel and contemporary look, ideal for those seeking sophistication without the glare of gloss.


  • Punch: Dimension meets design. Whether on a matt or gloss background, this embossed finish adds texture and depth to wall surfaces, allowing you to create unique focal points full of character.

    Each option is designed to suit the diverse tastes and needs of architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts who want to make every space a place with its own identity.

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