Our History

Our History:

As descendants of a prestigious line of ceramic design in Spain and powerful Asian producers of ceramic surfaces, at Crea Ceramics, we embody the convergence of tradition and technological forefront. We meticulously care for every design detail and enhance manufacturing with the most advanced technologies in ceramic surfaces. Our roots fill us with pride, fueling our drive to innovate and transcend industry standards.

At Crea Ceramics, innovation in ceramic design is not just an aspiration; it is the essence of our identity. Creating ceramic surfaces that beautify and transform spaces is both our art and our promise. We strive to imbue character and style, offering a range of flooring, claddings, and large-format countertops with varied thicknesses, all designed to exceed expectations for durability and aesthetic versatility.

The cutting-edge technology behind our manufacturing does not merely mimic the beauty of natural materials; it surpasses them in resistance and ease of maintenance. Our products are a commitment to functional elegance and sustainability, providing solutions that are not only practical and appealing but also enrich everyday life and harmonize with contemporary architecture.

Each new project is a chance to prove that excellence and corporate ethics can coexist, delivering surfaces that stand as a testament to mindful innovation and celebrate life and well-being in every design.

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